About Us

This Research and Development Company focuses on creating advanced high-performance polymers, while being eco-friendly.

The goal with new high performance polymer technology is to meet the demand for low- and zero- VOCs products without diminishing the performance of the higher VOCs products that were in demand in the past.

For paint and coatings manufacturing companies Biro Technologies formulates and manufactures polymers and resins to meet new performance standards that replace harmful VOCs containing formulas. Our products have been low- to- zero VOCs.

Companies in the Industry will continue to strive to create new technologies, meet the low- and zero- VOCs environmental regulations, and meet the demands of their customers. Companies facing these challenges do so through increased R&D, Innovation, and manufacturing products with silicone and silicate raw materials

Ambient-cure epoxy-siloxane polymer, exhibiting excellent high thermal corrosion resistance, substrate adhesion, flexibility, weather ability and superior chemical, corrosion and impact resistance after curing.