Biro Technologies Inc. provides Epoxy Siloxane Polymer for Epoxy-Siloxane Zinc Primer and Epoxy-Siloxane Finish Coat system for internal / external pipelines and tanks.

The breakdown of carbon steel under attack by Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) under wet conditions is well documented. Corrosion is the single most costly problem in pipelines. It is the constant enemy of pipeline engineers and operators, literally destroying miles of pipeline annually. Even as you read this, corrosion is eating away your company’s profits.

The cost of corrosion just in U.S. industrial piping—totals more than $8 billion annually! In attempting to combat the problem, approximately 10% of all new U.S. steel pipes are treated to resist corrosion. For the same reason, expensive corrosion-resistant alloy and specialty pipes are also being used. Biro Technologies provides a more cost-efficient, more effective solution—literally a high-performance barrier against corrosion.

Realizing every pipeline is unique, Biro Technologies Inc. works closely with you to provide the exact Epoxy Siloxane Polymer for coating to meet your specific needs.

Epoxy- Siloxane coating have no porosity, they are inherently self-leveling, for smooth, uniform coverage even across very long lengths of steel pipe. So pinholes or “holidays” are eliminated.

Epoxy- Siloxane internal pipe coatings provide a spectrum of new advantages:

  • Minimized friction, wear, erosion and fouling.
  • Maximized flow.
  • Reduced materials, installation and maintenance costs.

Epoxy- Siloxane internal pipe coatings cover a wide spectrum of industries and applications,

  • coating the interiors of industrial piping and tanks (oil and gas )
  • coating internal Aviation Fuel Pipelines
  • coating chemical delivery systems,
  • coating the interiors of gas cylinders

We recommend two specific high performance coating for internal and external pipeline coating:

  • Epoxy-Siloxane Zinc Primer is high solid for use in the Oil and Gas Industry on the exterior and interior of steel pipelines for above and below ground service. It has superior anti-corrosive properties, chemical and abrasion resistance, temperature resistant 450oF, resistant to cracking due to deep pits, long pot life 4 to 8 hours, viscosity adjustment with VOC exempt solvent, excellent adhesion.
  • Epoxy-Siloxane Finish Coat, used for high temperature operating pipelines, compressor / pump station discharge piping, recycle lines, valves, fittings, girth weld coatings, rehabilitation of existing pipelines, and suitable for certain tank lining applications.

The key benefits obtained by internally coating a pipeline are:

  • Product purity – sealed surface
  • Corrosion protection in storage
  • Enhanced flow of fluid
  • Easier product switch
  • Faster commissioning (inspection)
  • Reduced commissioning and operational costs
  • Will not leach out contaminants – effecting performance of the fuel.

Biro Technologies offers cost-effective superior performance Epoxy-Siloxane Polymer for coating compared to the less durable option of coatings.

Biro Technologies Epoxy-Siloxane Polymer technology offers the possibility of creating new families of products such as: lower-cost, lower-grade steel pipe can be coated to achieve the inner strength and performance of higher-grade alloys.

Internal pipe coating offers excellent return on investment. It protects your assets and extends their life. So you can reduce downtime significantly and cut maintenance costs dramatically, plus reduce coefficient of friction improves fluid dynamics and reduces fouling — so less energy is needed to pump product.

  • Epoxy Siloxane Static Conductive Anticorrosive coatings for metal pipe line and tanks It has good conducting electrostatic performance of surface resistance in 105 to 109, so that oil in the transfer process to produce electrostatic can rapidly go through coating to the ground connection. It also has superior anticorrosive performance that resisting oil, water, acid, alkali, salt and other common chemical mediators. Epoxy Siloxane Conductive Anticorrosive coatings for metal pipe line and tank can resist 160-180°C oil and water for a long time.

Specially used in crude oil storage tanks, oil tanks, oil pipelines as static conductive and anticorrosive coating.