ES­50 resin consisting of small molecules that are chemically different, they share certain common characteristics. The smaller molecule size has a significant effect on the visual appearance and physical properties of these resins. LMW resins level well because they make solutions of low viscosity even at high concentrations and will continue to level when they are applied and dry to a smooth and glossy film. Therefore, they saturate better than polymers. Some LMW resins are glossier than others, but they all dry in a glossy film compared to polymers.

The coatings exhibit strong anti­corrosive characteristics, also display antifouling and anti­icing properties. The coatings from this polymer are hard, tough and have excellent abrasion and solvent resistance. These finishes are also resistant to water, alkali and acids, suitable to use for underwater application. The most common substrates for ES­50 coatings are: ferrous and nonferrous metal, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, sandstone marble etc.

These systems exhibit excellent dirt pickup resistance and anti­graffiti properties.